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“The aim of education should be to teach the child to think, and not what to think”. 
                                                                                                            - John Dewey

A child stays at home for three complete years. He is tender, delicate and does not want to accept new atmosphere. The school boasts of its congenial atmosphere where learning takes place keeping in mind all the comforts which he may otherwise get at home.
All classes have the following

  1. AC Rooms.
  2. LCD Tv.
  3. Audio Visual Aids.
  4. Wall paintings ( every class room depicts different themes eg life under water, jungle book, bird sanctuary, solar system.
  5. Stuffed Toys and Puzzle.

A lot of emphasis is laid on different activities.

     1. Mantra Recitation.
     2. Music and Dance.
     3. Sports.
     4. Story Telling.
     5. Rhymes.
     6. Puppet Shows.
     7. Celebration of Different Festivals.
     8. Visit to Different Religious Place.
     9. Fancy Dress Show.
     10. Clay Modelling.
     11. Colouring, Drawing and Pasting.
     12. Nature Visit.
     13. Educational Trips.

  • Post Office.
  • Police Station.
  • Traffic Training Park.
  • Doll Museum.
  • Bal Bhawan.
  • Zoo.
  • Railway Museum.
  • Metro Museum.
  • Airforce Museum.

     14. Solo Stage Performances.

Evaluation System
Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation
To avoid burdening the children we assess them through out the year on the basis of not only academics but also commitment, work ethics, understanding and will to learn. We test children on specific portions and it is done at comfortable time intervals during the academic session.

An overview of the curriculum puts forth the fluid composition of the syllabi indicative of our child centered, learner friendly approach to boost learning – spiraling into cognitive achievements and developing attitudes, emotions, interests and social skills in an intrinsically motivating and intellectually stimulating environment.

III to X
Examination System
III to X : Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)

The Central Board of Secondary Education has recently brought in the scheme of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) as a part of its Examination Reforms Programme. CCE is concerned with holistic assessment of the learner which includes both scholastic and co-scholastic areas of learner’s growth with particular reference to attributes such as Life Skills, Attitude and Values, Sports and Games as well as other co-curricular activities.

School Based Evaluation
The CCE aims at the school based Evaluation, which is child centered, school centered and multidimensional evaluation. In its true spirit it triggers all round development of the learners. It encourages all type of learning in life both inside and outside school. Further, this evaluation helps the learner to use his/her potential in a better manner  and also provides an insight to the teachers to discover the methods which may be helpful to the individual learner in resolving his/her difficulties.

Assessment of the learners is based on the grading system as indicated by the CBSE. The evaluation is based on Formative as well as summative assessments.

Following subjects are offered to the students :
English, Hindi, Mathematics, Social Science, Science, Music, Dance, General Knowledge, Vedic Education, Physical Education, Computer Education and Art Education

The academic programme concentrates on providing a sound educational  
experience in a safe, nurturing & challenging scholastic environment. Students are prepared for admission to college/University. The students are also made to face situation where they have to use their innovative imagination & organization Skills. The school follow the CBSE pattern & offers different choice of subjects: English, Hindi, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering Drawing, Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics, Commercial Art, and Physical Education.

The Evaluation and assessment is based entirely on the CBSE pattern.

For Further details visit : www.cbse.nic.in

Healthy mind lies in a healthy body.
Physical education plays a very important role to build the students personality. The school lays great emphasis on physical fitness of the students and tries to provide facilities for game, sports and recreational activities for all. The programme includes rhythmic exercises, athletics, gymnastics, drills and sports and games (major and minor) like hockey, football, cricket, volleyball, basket-ball, badminton, lawn-tennis, kho-kho and table-times, Inter-class and Inter-house competitions are conducted as scheduled. Special coaches impart quality training. Our students got many prizes at State, National and International Level.

Art is the music of soul in harmony with the colours of mood. It is an integral part of our school curriculum. The enchanting hours of creation are spun into creative moments of education reflecting the brilliance of young mind recognized at inter schools, zonal, state as well as national level.

The aesthetic sense is given a boost when tender minds are trained to capture the colours of rainbow merge it in the canvas of life. Our school has designed the syllabus in Art and Craft keeping in view all the aspects, which is enhanced by various activities carried out at various levels.

Paintings using with different mediums like water colour, oil paint, poster and acrylic colours etc, Crafts like modeling in clay and Plaster, Mould and Casting in Plaster, Fiber casting, Screen printing, Paper and Cloth collage work and many other has helped to enhance the creative skill of the students.

The activities and training of young children in this field has helped winning various achievements, bringing laurels for the school.

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